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A trusted consumer resource since 2007, is an area shopping guide and U.S. business directory that connects local merchants and service providers with people who live, work or travel to your neighborhood.
MakeItLocal supports small business by making it easy for consumers to locate everything needed for the home, workplace or on the go. Popular search categories include automotive, dining, entertainment, home improvement, health & medical, insurance, legal, hotels, transportation and real estate. The MakeItLocal U.S. business directory includes over 14 million company listings for 380 designated metro areas in all 50 states. Everyday, local business owners from across the country take a moment to add or manage their FREE MakeItLocal business listings. 
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  • Company Profile Page, Location Address, Contact Phone Number
  • Business Description  - About Us - Product & Service Categories
  • Links to Website and Google Maps
  • Contact Button - Driving Directions

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  • Company Logo
  • MakeItLocal Landing Page - Business Profile (SEO)
  • Upload Images - Pictures - Ads
  • Priority Placement in Top Search Categories
  • Link Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)


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