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Digital Marketing Suite

The MakeItLocal Business Directory and Digital Marketing Suite is available for local marketers, digital agencies and independent sales representatives.  MakeItLocal Marketing will help you set up an Internet directory for advertising sales in your designated marketing area by town names and zip codes, (subject to availability).


Start Helping Local Business Owners Reach their Business Objectives with MakeItLocal Marketing

Our "turn-key" programs make it easy to get started with a low up-front investment and minimum monthly recurring sales targets

  • Local Internet Directory
    • Co-branded or white labeled depending on the program selected
  • Digital Advertising
    • Digital display banners, featured business advertising, category sponsorships, Internet directory advertising packages/bundles
  • Advertiser Business Center
    • ​Web visibility reports, reptutation monitoring and alerts
  • Administrative Support
    • Sales training, product/services provisioning, lead generation, self provisioning and e-commerce solutions

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